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Date: Monday, May 31, 2010


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Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

when there's no light to break up the dark

a time when you feel the conversation should be continued, a time when you feel you need to let things out. i don't know how i was set free from my troubles yesterday, just by talking, but it really made my day. thank you agnes yong.

yesterday has got to be an awesome day. i realised i'm not in for SSS, i realised i can train, i realised i have a chance. has been long since i've felt this way i must say. anyway, pe was really fun playing volleyball and soccer with the girls! (: lab lessons were boring though. parents came to school for PTC and they only went to see Mr Wee and Ms Chan. -.- didn't leave with them as i thought i needed to do the Gems proj. ended up going home with agnes and bella. on the way home with agnes, we talked, and she decided to train to pasir ris then take back to tampines. then i decided to stay till the train's about to depart. but it never seemed enough, so we got off the train and went to WS to talk. (: halfway, i received a text from ch, and i decided to go find her at tampines. finally got my earrings for helix! while decorating the cake for ch's nephew, we met cyan and rhesa there too!

reached home at 8+ and i realised i have some rash. according to mum its called feng mo? i have no idea what is it in english but all i knew was to avoid wind. just that i found out too late and my arms and legs were itching like !@#$%^&* i really wanted to swear for the whole night cos it looks so disgusting and its JUST SO ITCHY. my god, pure torture. decided to give school a miss and i headed ly's advice of drinking lots of water and sleep. apparently i couldn't sleep with the aircon or the fan on. though i woke up sweating, those disgusting looking things were gone from my arms but they were still on my legs. -.- sucks.

ah wells, at least they're not itching now. (: i shall go get some sleep cos i have nothing to do. God please bless the netballers while they're training out in the sun with a new coach!



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Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010

turn around and come back

thank You for healing me.
thank You for the people i have around me.
thank You for everything.

so now that i know my L1R5, i really have no idea if i'm in SSS or not. God please work a miracle! i may have been pleased at some of my subj marks, but after looking at all my overall scores, i realised its not good enough. its far from what i'm capable of. oh well, there's time, there's time for me to work harder and achieve something much better.

any how, i enjoy Fridays and Saturdays the most. i caught The Last Song with chuhui, cyan and bella on fri after school. i really really liked the show cos it somehow hit me. should really treasure your loved ones more~ we went home to change and all before meeting for cell. good as usual. (Y) worst thing was, my stomach didn't hurt for the whole day until the time i left house for cell. thus, i didn't really enjoy my night. apparently my prayers were heard and i woke up feeling totally fine today! like AWESOMEEEEE. :D slacked and all in the morning then went to meet the girls at city hall. i survived on a donut till 8 plus, which was dinner time. HAHA. my stomach is really awesome isn't it. -.- flea was okay i guess, i only managed to get 1 high waist shorts. service was good though! (: and justine must be 1 of the coolest women drivers i know. LOL. though fellowship was really short, we still had fun!

next week's the last week of school. somehow its gonna be 1 of the most tiring weeks too. ptc and preparation for gems on monday, gems and training on tuesday, AC on wednesday, training on thurs, AC on friday to sunday. cool much, my whole week is packed! hope that i would be able to get sufficient rest each day to survive each day, esp on training days. training, right, coach will be coming alr. i don't know what to expect from her, i know training will be tough, i know she will be harsh, but i know i can't give up...

right, people are all falling sick... may all get healed!


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Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010

need a second to breathe

this week hasn't ended yet but i must say it must be 1 of the best weeks i've ever had. results weren't much of a disappointment i guess. i think its purely what i deserve cos i didn't study for all the subjs. will post results when its all finalised after adding in the CA? (: hope for the best! as for those who are really disappointed this time round, please cheer up! its only the mid years, you'll still have a lot of time to catch up on whatever you're weak on! :D

i caught Iron Man 2 with chuhui and rhesa on monday too. (: wasn't that good as compared to Iron Man... but watching it with ch makes up for it cos its v v entertaining watching her reactions. LOL. on tuesday, we had training after 1 whole month of not training! like wooooooh, i finally got to lose some fats. wasn't that tough cos we mainly did physical. Coach was supposed to come on tues but apparently she was stuck in KL. haha.

yesterday, we had debate against CCHMS. i saw gen and liqin!!! :D we had to debate against their class for round 1, and another class for round 2. motion for round 1: supplementary lessons should not be held during holidays, proposition for us. i am a failure at debating omg. i have no idea why my speech ended up being so short. hahaha whatever, at least it was a good experience. motion for round 2: body piercings and tattoos should be banned from young people. (or something like that) opposition for us. like WHATTT?! its so 1 sided lol. rhesa, bella and joel did a great job though, as well as my partners, bird and amanda! (Y) we won round 1 and lost round 2. oh wells. school ended at 12+ and agnes, bella and cyan needed to get a haircut, so ch and i accompanied them. afterwards the accompanied me to pp for my dental! lime green this time, but omg screw power chains!!! waited for justine to discuss bout holidays events. ^^ home at 6+~

gave school a miss today cos i think my stomach is screwed. going to the doctor's later. (: am currently v bored at home, plus a headache which comes and goes. zzz. really hope to recover by tomorrow. The Last Song and cell! yayyyy. :D


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Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your love falls down

don't tell me that nothing happened when you don't sound okay at all, i'm not stupid. i'm not a robot either. truthfully, your smses do affect me. but the main point is, i really really care for you, so i show concern for you. don't take it for granted, please. i want you to take good care of yourself so that you can be in good health and not suffer by not being able to eat this and that. and because you show that you don't really wanna help yourself, i'm hurt. because i've tried my best to help you. i want you to understand. ):

has been long since a proper post? yes i think so. lets just touch on my days after exams ended first. (: on thursday, i went out with clique to celebrate jx's (belated) birthday. caught Ip Man 2 and it was really awesome! like wooooooh i finally get to watch a movie and it wasn't a disappointment. :D had dinner at BBQ chicken, T1, then headed to arcade which we spent a long time camping. LOL. finally, we decided to go to the roof top. ended up playing cards~ though there wasn't much of a proper conversation between all of us, it still feels good that we are spending time with each other. thank God.

friday was a blast as it was FREEDOM FRIDAY! :D i had lunch with cyan at PP then we spent a super long time finding that stupid ktv. HAHA. so we waited for chuhui and rhesa before heading to find agnes and bella. 2 HOURS OF KTV FOR $3.30 PER PERSON, SO WORTH IT! ^^ afterwards, we went to Ice Cream Chefs cos we had 2 hours of spare time before BBQ. shared a large cup with ch and i'm glad we made the right choice of ice cream. went to PP to do ridiculous things as we were too free~ so we ended up at Cotton On trying on heels and those lame sunglasses. LOL. super cute though. waited for cyan and irene to come before cabbing to ECP. attempted to play volleyball but i am an epic failure when it comes to that! HAHAH. after awhile when more people reached, we played a game, something like massive musical chairs and connect 4. HEARTATTACK PLEASE! best example, ch. (AHHHHHHHHHH!) LOL. though it was drizzling during the games, it stopped when the bbq started. really really luck of us. (: played daidi and ate before playing captains ball in the dark. it was alr 9+ when we started playing. but no doubt, it was still fun. (Y) slacked for awhile and left ECP at 11. thank you cyan for sending me homeeee! :D

today has got to be 1 of the craziest day. i woke up at 9+ to prepare for some wedding lunch that my family and i needed to attend. lunch at Marriott Hotel, awesome 8 course meal. heheh. xD went for service after that! today's service was really awesome! dinner at plaza sing~ didn't eat as i was still full from my late lunch. was really entertaining seeing marcus and daniel acting like nerds though. HAHAHA. arcade while waiting for their movie to start. team play (bball)! marcus + bella VS kg + me! LOL. WE PWNED THEM. WOOOOOOH. :D funny how much that stupid machine can cause you to sweat so much. -.- by the time we finished playing, it was 11 plus alr. so i decided to leave with bella. (: reached home at 1230 and i had gastric. thus, i couldn't resist the korean noodles. HAHAHAH. :P

so, thats all bout life after exams. has been really enjoyable, just slacking your whole day out. :D as for exams, i know i'm dead for ss, amaths, history, chem and chinese. yes thats how bad i'm gonna screw up my MYEs. as much as i don't want to get in SSS, i think the results will leave me no choice. zzz. how can someone ever assure me that i will do well. ):

ah whatever, my party mood is currently on. (: and you have no idea how much i look forward to AC and hols. its 10 more days to AC and 12 more days to hols!!! finally, rest. or maybe not, since training is starting next week. spoiler much? think i won't even have the mood to train. like for goodness sake, we're all getting back all our papers on monday or tuesday, isn't this just meant to make us cry...

kay, its currently 2.53 am and my eyes are closing. update bout results soon~


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Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010


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Date: Friday, May 07, 2010

without you

3 down, 5 more to go!
ooo yes, exams have officially started yesterday and omg i started it on the wrong note. ss was kinda screwed though english was alright. but ah, i have no confidence after doing today's paper. amath is a killer, it seriously is. i'm still left with history and chinese notes to do! this weekend, i'm gonna study bio, history, and emath. chem shall be done on monday and tuesday. no school on monday btw! cos i don't take physics. muahaha. :D thank God for that or i won't be able to study bio and hist properly.

anywayyyyyyyyy, i just got home not long ago after eating at 85 with agnes, rhesa and jeanette. hahaha. am really really tired but i'm still going for cell (: shall go nap soon!! good luck with revision people. :D


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